Chandelier Mimosa 27 lights

Chandelier Mimosa 27 lights


This chandelier, designed and realized by the glassmaster Alberto Donà , is totally different from our classic collection. Its peculiarity is the simplicity of the frame decorated with 42 glass spheres – that during blowing are decorated by the master adding  gold, copper or brass powder. The result is a simple but impressive chandelier especially when lighted. Each sphere has a G9 2,5w bulb. Chandeliers are available in different sizes. We can help you finding the perfect solution for your space


Technical data

  • Name: Chandelier Mimosa 27 lights
  • Material: Glass
  • Type of working: Handworked by glassblowing techniques
  • Packaging: ***APPROXIMATE MEASURES***
    Tot N.2 parcels
    N.1 CM 55*55*55
    N.1 CM 162*52*27 (wooden box)
    TOT GW KG L 37
    Weight: 16 kg
  • Dimensions: 160 L, 90 Ø, 35 H
  • Number of lights: 27 lights G9 led
  • Designer:Alberto Donà
  • Collection: Mimosa
  • Frame: Copper
  • Glass color: Copper Spheres
  • Variations: For the mimosa collection are available different colors of frame and spheres.
    Frame > polish nickel, satin nickel, black nickel, gold, brass (gold), satin brass, copper.
    Sphere > copper, white milk, ice, champagne, mika pink, mika gold, brass.
    If you want another color of frame or glass, don’t hesitate to contact us

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 160 × 80 × 31 cm