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Chandelier Mimosa 12 lights

Chandelier Mimosa 12 lights


“Any fool can do something complex; it takes a genius to do something simple.”
(Pete Seeger)

That’s right. Our glassmaster Alberto Donà had a stroke of genius when he designed this chandelier. For the first time, the frame becomes an integral part of the chandelier as if it was its skeleton. Imagine it in a modern room, it certainly would not be unnoticed. With its 12 G9 led bulbs (2.5watt) as well as intensely illuminating the room, it manages to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. It’s not only what is called “gold mika” (ie the gold powder that you can observe in the spheres) that gives shine, but also the gold frame that reflects the light in its various parts. What can I say, it is a fabulous chandelier.
Thanks to the Murano artisans that create beautiful works COMPLETELY HAND MADE!


Technical data

Name: Chandelier Mimosa 12 lights


Material: Glass


Type of working: Handworked by glass blowing techniques


Weight: 10 kg


Number of lights: 12 lights G9 led



Tot N.1 parcel
80L 80W
35L 16KG


Dimensions: 90 L, 90 Ø, 16 H


Designer: Alberto Donà


Collection: Mimosa


Frame: Satinized brass


Glass color: Mika gold


Variations: For the mimosa collection are available different colors of frame and spheres.
Frame > polish nickel, satin nickel, black nickel, gold, brass (gold), satin brass, copper.
Sphere > copper, white milk, ice, champagne, mika pink, mika gold, brass.
If you want another color of frame or glass, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 30 cm