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Vases Burri

Vases Burri


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Colin Powell

Davide Donà, son of the glassmaster Alberto Donà, was raised in Murano and has been able of uniting his life’s passion with his own job. Since he was a child he dreamed of becoming a glass master and to this day he keeps updating and improving his techniques. Every time he is the furnace not only does he work hard but he also explores his creative and inventive side.

Today we introduce our NEW and UNIQUE Burri Vases which have been given the name of the great artist and painter Alberto Burri from whom this new collection is inspired. Davide has given his very best with these vases, he invented a new technique of hot working which will remain a secret. These colored vases are completely made using Murano Glass and seem almost contain the water that surrounds the island of Murano. We would like to remind you that each and every one of our piaces is unique, it cannot be the same as another one in shape and color. Every time you purchase a glass object from Murano you are acquiring a whole tradition that is passed on from generation to generation.


Technical data

  • Name: Vases Burri
  • Material: Glass
  • Type of working: Handworked and blown glass
  • Weight:
  • Dimension Big: H 40 cm – W 30 cm – D 20 cm (600-130L)
  • Dimension Medium: H 22 cm – W 27 cm – D 21(600-130M)
  • Dimension Small: H 26 cm – W 26 cm – D 26 cm(600-130S)
  • Designer: Alberto Donà
  • Product Variation: Avaiable in other colors
  • Aproximate Parcels:
  • Big TOT N.1 cm 53*34*34 KG L 13
  • Medium TOT N.1 cm 53*34*34 KG L 12 
  • Small TOT N.1 cm 53*34*34 KG L 10
  • Product code: 600-130
  • Category: Vases