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Vases Acqua

Vases Acqua


“A soap bubble is the most beautiful, and the most elegant, thing in nature. I wonder how much a soap bubble should cost if there were only one in the world.”

(Mark Twain)

Consider soap bubbles one of the most beautiful things in the world. True, true also that there are not in nature. Davide Donà has incorporated them into these vases. They are not real soap bubbles, of course, but they are still bubbles that give an infinite lightness.


Technical data

  • Name: Vases Acqua
  • Material: Glass
  • Type of working: Handworked and blown glass
  • Weight: Small 12 kg, Medium 15 kg, Big 18 kg
  • Dimension Big: H 44 cm – Ø26 cm
  • Dimension Medium: H 36 cm – Ø22 cm
  • Dimension Small: H 33 cm – Ø24 cm
  • Designer: Alberto Donà
  • Product Variation: Avaiable in other colors
  • Aproximate Parcels:
  • Big: TOT N.1 cm 62*37*32 KG L 20 
  • Medium: TOT N.1 cm 62*37*32 KG L 17 
  • Small: TOT N.1 cm 53*34*34 KG L 15 
  • Product code: 600-122
  • Category: Vases