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Chandelier Sputnik

Chandelier Sputnik


“The dignity of the artist lies in his duty to keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world.”

Marc Chagall

October 4, 1957. Day the first satellite was sent into orbit around the Earth by the Soviet Union. It was called Sputnik. Don’t you find our chandelier a bit similar?

Formed by 121 glass tips and different colors, our handmade chandelier reaches a diameter of 115 cm. Its great peculiarity lies precisely in the glass.

The pointed elements of glass, called “puntali”, will never be the same as each other. They are made to slide inside a conical mold, but it is not certain that the glass can always reach the end. This is precisely why you may notice a difference between the various pieces, which only emphasizes its true nature: Murano and Italian craftsmanship.

*available in different solutions: drops, disks, tryedral (see photos)


Technical data



  • Name: Puntal Sputnik
  • Material: Glass
  • Type of working: Handworked by blowing glass and other tecniques
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Number of lights: 5 lights bulb E27
  • Packaging:
    Tot N.5 parcels
    N.4 31*31*34 cm
    N.1 56*56*110 cm
    Tot GW Kg 2 L
  • Dimensions: Ø 115
  • Designer:Alberto Donà
  • Collection: Sputnik
  • Glass color: Crystal, Grey

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

Cristallo, Cristallo argento, Cristallo oro